Chin-Chin Christmas Gin Bundle
Chin-Chin Christmas Gin Bundle

Chin-Chin Christmas Gin Bundle

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500mL, 40% Alc./Vol.

Limited Edition | Cranberry and Cinnamon Gin Gift Pack

What you get:

1 x 500ml Bottle of Chin-chin Christmas Gin 

2 x 180ml Salted Grapefruit Strangelove Soda

1 x Bag of Dehydrated Garnish 

1 x Branded Tote Bag

Gin info:

At Unexpected Guest we love Australian Christmas. Emphasis on the Australian. The prawns, the hot sun, an exhausting lunch and drunk cricket on the beach scored by the uncle no one likes. This is Christmas to us. 

Unfortunately we can’t cram prawns, sand or your uncle into a gin. So we had to think bigger. What flavours represent Christmas? Not just in taste but in how they make us feel. 

Cranberries are a staple of Christmases around the world but in Australia the sweet pink hue in their colour reminds us of our fabulous sunsets, our colourful wildlife and our trees blooming in the middle of summer. It’s taste is sweeter than pavlova but more unique than the strawberries and cream that top it. It’s the perfect inbetween. 

But what do we pair this with? Cranberries on their own are a bit ‘been there, done that’ so how could we elevate that, well we are always seeking the unexpected… Another huge part of Australian Christmas is traveling. We have a large land, our families are spread out across multiple cities. And it’s been a tough year not being able to see them...

Australian travel means dirt roads, uneven fences, cows, sheep and lots of kangaroos. The rough brown roads reminded us of a spice that slips its way into everyone's Christmas pudding… Cinnamon. It was a long winded way to get there but we arrived at cinnamon in the end (better late than never). This aromatic spice perfectly plays tug’o’war with our sweet cranberry flavours, the peppery and warm notes will bring you back thirsty for more.

Chin Chin Christmas gin is like the holidays in your mouth, its warm like the weather and sweet like the breeze, so between your second to third helping of food, after you’ve got your disappointing christmas socks and the kids are fighting over what they got. Be the christmas hero and share it with the ones you love (Not the kiddies). 

Give your uncle a double.

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