Deluxe Tasting Bundle
Deluxe Tasting Bundle

Deluxe Tasting Bundle

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Don't like commitment? Yeah we don't either, so we came up with a way for you to try our entire core range of gin without having to commit to a 500ml bottle of gin. Pretty genius right? (It's not that genius most places do this, we will stop tooting our own horn).

This deluxe bundle includes:

1 x 50ml Clementine's American Gin

1 x 50ml Disco Flamingo's Pink Gin

1 x 50ml Young Tom's Bathtub Gin

1 x 50ml Bobby's London Dry Gin

1 x 50ml Limited Edition Chin Chin Christmas Gin

2 x 180ml StrangeLove Coastal Tonic

1 x Bag of Dehydrated  Citrus

1 x Branded Tote Bag

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