Chin-chin Christmas Gin and Soda

Chin-chin Christmas Gin and Soda

On the seventh day of Christmas my true love gave to me... a Chin-Chin Christmas Gin and Soda.

This is one of the easiest recipes we’ve ever done. It relies on two things, either you’ve forgotten to get a gift for christmas for someone and have bought them an Unexpected Guest Festive Gift Pack or… your friend left it to the last minute and got you the best gift ever. So it’s a win win.

Here’s what our gin pack includes (hint its everything you need for a kick-ass Christmas drink): Chin-Chin Christmas Gin: It’s a limited edition with hand written elements to the label, soaked in fresh cranberries and native cinnamon, we’ve been told it’s like christmas in your mouth and we couldn’t agree more. StrangeLove Lo-Cal Soda: Is an Australian made and owned soda, with nothing artificial and low in calories this Yuzu from japan inspired drick is perfect with Christmas Gin. Dehydrated Lime: The lime expels its flavour as it is rehydrated by the moisture in your drink. Star Anise: Strong in scent it works perfectly in most cocktails and is a stable of Christmas. Juniper Berries: It’s the main ingredient in gin so what's the harm with putting it on top of your drink. 

Cocktail Recipe:

It’s a tough one but prepare yourself you’ll need a glass and some ice. 

Spiced Gin Ingredients:

Spiced Gin Method:

  • Grab your Chin-Chin Christmas Gin, pour 1 ½ parts on gin into a glass with some ice. 
  • Fill your glass with StrangeLove Soda.
  • Add as much or as little garnish as you want (you’re in control)
  • It’s the hardest instruction yet, so don’t strain yourself; sit back, relax and enjoy Christmas. 
Order by the 17th of December to ensure it arrives before Christmas, to buy now click the link here.

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