Private Event Hire

Thinking about having Unexpected Guest at your upcoming function? Here are some frequently asked questions to help you with your gin party planning.

It depends! Our kombi is one of a kind, and she can't be in two places at once. Bookings are subject to availability so giving us at least a month's notice is ideal, but a few months notice will increase the chances of securing the dates you are after.

This will vary depending on the size of your function. With our tap system, we're pretty efficient with dispensing drinks while keeping up the good vibes!

Our kombi can do lots of things, but unfortunately does not have dishwashing facilities onboard. We are unable to provide glassware and offer bio-degradable cups (which are included in your base package). You can rest easy not needing to worry about breakages!

This can be arranged. If you have glass washing facilities or a place to store used glassware on site, we are more than happy to use them. Additional fees may apply.

We have four taps and offer three tapped cocktails in our base package. The fourth tap can be used for an additional cocktail, beer, or simply decoration - whatever you prefer!

We would prefer you letting us know ahead of time. We will prepare for the guest numbers that have been prearranged with our team and don't carry a whole lot of additional stock. If there is a possibility that you may want to extend your time with us, just give us a heads up and we can feel it out on the day.

If we can offer your favourite drink, we will. These will need to be arranged ahead of time. Prices may vary due to additional equipment or ingredients that may be required for these drinks.

It's best to chat with our team to see what will work and what won't. We generally will accept beer, wine, cider and soft drinks. We generally won't accept other gins (we make our own and make it cost effective for you!) or products that are not packaged or labelled correctly (homemade brews or concoctions).

This is possible to arrange, however a minimum spend would apply and you would still be required to pay a deposit, and for the additional costs involved. Have a chat with our team if this is something that you are interested in and we can go from there.