Chin-Chin Christmas Iced Tea

Chin-Chin Christmas Iced Tea

We've got a new limited release and we've been getting creative about how you can enjoy our Chin-Chin Christmas Gin at home. We did a small run of this gin nearly two years ago and after omitting it from our range last Christmas we've brought it back due to popular demand. And with demand comes cocktails!

We played around with this one for a while and getting the right ratios for this gin to work with other fruits was proving to be a slight challenge. The cranberry we didn't want to over power and the delicious cinnamon we wanted to keep on the nose of the cocktail.

After lots of meddling around we realised we could do a spin on one of our most popular recipes on the website, our Disco's Pink Iced Tea. 

However what makes this different are the flavours you'll be experiencing with this drink. 

So if you’re laying around on a lazy Summer afternoon, you might as well lay in style and sip on this stunning cocktail. 

Cocktail Recipe:

This is a fun one, so get your chefs hat on and get to stirring.

Makes a jug to share or keep to yourself. 


  • 150ml Chin-Chin Christmas Gin
  • 500ml of Camomile Tea (use just one tea bag per 500mls of hot water and let it steep)
  • 100ml of Grapefruit Juice
  • 100ml Lime cordial
  • 100ml Sparking Apple Cider
  • Lemon/apple/cranberries for garnish


  • Brew your tea, it's very simple, 500mls of hot water and just use one teabag of camomile. Let it steep for 5 minutes.
  • Now add that tea to a jug and give it a stir. Leave it to cool down for 10mins and squeeze that tea bag tight before you throw it away so you get all the flavour you can out of it.
  • Add the grapefruit juice and the elderflower cordial, stir again.
  • Add our Chin-Chin Christmas Gin
  • Add any garnish you like to the jug. We like lemon, apple or cranberries.
  • Add a hefty amount of ice and serve.
  • Perfect for Christmas Day with the family in the back yard. Or for yourself on a Monday night when you're trying to make your way through some awful Christmas movie.

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