Cranberry Mojito

Cranberry Mojito

On the second day of Christmas my true love gave to me... a Cranberry Mojito.

We’re counting down the days to Christmas with 12 very unexpected cocktails. Today is cocktail number two with our very own Cranberry Mojito. It's rider than Santas pants. This cocktail is minty, sweet with a dash of Christmas warmth. 

Here’s what you’ll need; get yourself some Cranberry Juice: this recipe is just for a glass of cocktail so you don’t need to buy a litre of cranberry juice from costco, a small bottle will do. Lemons: Just grab one or two, they’re the yellow fruit. Limes: These are those ones that look like lemons, except they are small and green, so nothing like a lemon really, grab 1 or 2 though. Soda water: Might as well keep this indefinitely in your pantry cause we use soda all the time in cocktails. You’ll need enough to fill the glass after the primary ingredients so if you're making more than one glass get more than a bottle. Mint: we said it's like a Santa red mojito so you’ve gotta get some mint.  Gin: today we’re spotlighting Bobby’s London Dry, his notes work great with citrus. 

Cocktail Recipe:

This recipe is just for a glass, but please note, you’ll want more (So brace yourself). This is an easy one, we simply use a jigger/shot of everything, however if you don’t own one we’ve specified how many millilitres it is. 


  • 1 part (44mL) Bobby's London Dry Gin
  • 1 part (44mL) Lemon Juice 
  • 1 part (44mL) Lime Juice 500g of Strawberries
  • 2 part (88mL) Cranberry Juice
  • Handful of mint
  • Soda Water


  • We start with the easy part, get juicing. Juice your lemon and your lime. 
  • Put as much mint as you like in your drink at the bottom of the glass. 
  • Add Bobby's London Dry to the mint and crush the mint into the gin. 
  • Add the lemon and lime juice to your glass.
  • Add the cranberry juice.
  • Add some ice if you haven't chilled your soda water (or if you want ice, who doesn’t love ice?)
  • And you guessed it (it’s more adding) add your soda water to the brim of the glass. 
  • Garnish with extra mint, lemon, lime or fresh cranberries. The choice is yours.

The Extra Cool Section:

I see you made it to the extra cool section, not everyone does, so we tip our hat to you. If you like mixing drinks and having fun at Christmas (the two go hand in hand) we now have gift packs on our website, suitable for everyone, except for anyone under 18 years old. Click the link here if you're interested, or if you're extra cool. 

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