Disco Flamingo's Pink Iced Tea

Disco Flamingo's Pink Iced Tea

If you’re laying around on a lazy Summer afternoon, you might as well lay in style and sip on this stunning new cocktail. This recipe has been making the rounds at GinPalooza and our catering events recently, so we thought it was the best way to start up our Christmas tradition.

But why keep you waiting lets get into the good stuff… This recipe contains lots of goodies but they won't be in your pantry so get to the shops quick sticks!: Camomile Tea Bags: Look its an iced tea, this is a gimme, and if you’re not a fan of camomile don’t worry you wont be able to taste it much, this just gives the recipe that nice bitter kick at the back of the pallet. Grapefruit Juice: If you can be bothered to go to the effort of buying fresh grapefruit and juicing it, you’re a saint and a scholar and better than i. But there’s nothing wrong with just buying it juiced already from the woollies isle. Elderflower Cordial: We love elderflower at Unexpected Guest, who really knows what the flavour of elderflower is? We don’t. but we love it in everything and it’s a delicious in this. Gin: Disco Flamingo’s Pink Gin is the perfect gin for this, it’s steeped in raspberries for weeks so its got that natural red hue. Who doesn’t love it? Seriously find someone.

Cocktail Recipe:

This is a fun one, so get your chefs hat on and get to stirring 



  • Brew your tea, this recipe is made for a glass but you can easily make this for a jug, just multiply everything by 6. Brewing tea in 80mls of water would make the tea too strong, so brew a single bag in 500ml of water and use 80mls.
  • Now add that tea to your shaker.
  • Add the grapefruit juice and the elderflower cordial
  • Add our Disco Flamingo’s Pink Gin
  • Shake with ice.
  • Strain over a glass of fresh ice. Garnish with a wheel of lemon and squeeze it in if you find the drink too sweet.
  • Enjoy!

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