Elderflower and Lemon Gin Fizz

Elderflower and Lemon Gin Fizz

It’s five o’clock on a Friday afternoon, we assume you’re 'Fred Flinstone-ing' your way out of the workplace; you’ve punched your time-card and slid down the dinosaur ready for the weekend.

If you aren’t going out and just staying in for a cosy Friday night, why not grab a few items from the store to make yourself a treat when you get home. Trust us, you’ve earned it.

Here’s what we're thinking; get yourself some Lemons: they are the yellow ones in the citrus section, we’re using the rind too so pick some good ones! Elderflower Cordial: You’ll want to splurge on this one, it tastes delicious and you’ll definitely keep drinking it with or without making this cocktail it’s so refreshing. Soda water: cheap out on this one all soda tastes the same, make sure you whack it in the fridge when you get home though, it needs to be cool. Edible Flowers: these aren’t essential but if you’re taking a photo for Instagram or want to impress people when they come around buy some. Gin: Ahh yes, you’ll be wanting some Clementine American Gin, the lavender botanicals in this gin really shine through with the elderflower.   

Cocktail Recipe:

This recipe is for a big batch (trust us we aren’t telling you to put a whole cup of gin in a single cocktail) this will be enough for 8 people.


  • 250mls Clementines American Gin 
  • 85mls lemon juice
  • 125mls elderflower cordial
  • 750mls chilled soda water
  • ice cubes
  • lemon rind
  • Edible flowers, to serve


  • Lets make it nice and easy. Juice some lemons, add it to a jug with gin, elderflower cordial, soda water. Give it a nice slow, long stir, we don’t want to lose the fizz.
  • Fill however many glasses you need with ice, pour the drinks.
  • Dazzle the tops of the drinks with flowers.
  • Oh then drink it, don’t let the ice melt.

 Extra Step (If you want your cocktail to look like ours):

  • Before you do anything to the lemon, wash it, grab a knife and curl the knife around the lemon to get that nice curly rind effect.
  • Place this in the glass then fill the centre of the glass with ice so that the rind will stay in its place.
  • Then proceed with the recipe.
  • We know it’s a lot of effort but doesn’t the cocktail look nice!?

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