How To Use Your Christmas Gin

How To Use Your Christmas Gin

Our new Christmas Gin is bursting with notes of cranberries and has a warming finish of cinnamon and other delicious spices. If you’re unsure how best to enjoy this unique and flavoursome gin look no further, we have some fantastic, easy, quick and delicious recipes below to help you get creative this festive season.

Chin-Chin Christmas Gin and Mixer

If you’re after something that’s just in the fridge or cupboard this Christmas an easy way to enjoy your gin is 30mls of Chin-Chin Christmas Gin and 90mls of mixer.

You can get inventive and use any mixer you like but we are throwing our enthusiasm behind mineral water or soda water and if you want something a bit different, a cola flavoured drink or root beer. We particularly like Long Rays Dark Soda, it's weaker and not as sugar heavy as your usual coke options.


Ice in a glass

30mls Chin-Chin Christmas Gin

90mls Mixer (Long Rays Dark Soda, Mineral Water or Soda Water)


Chin-Chin Christmas Gin Spritzer

It’s not summer until you’re sipping a spritzer. We’ve created a perfectly balanced cocktail for you but if you’d like to just pour 30mls of Christmas Gin and top your glass up with chilled Prosecco, it's pretty damn delicious!



30mls Christmas Gin


15mls Orange Juice

90mls Prosecco

Lemon Garnish



Shake your ice, orange juice and Christmas Gin and pour into a champagne glass.

Top your glass with Prosecco and garnish with lemon.

Tip: Don’t overuse the orange juice this citrus exudes warmth that compliments the cranberry flavours. If you can find blood orange, you get extra points!


Christmas Day Punch

Get your jug and mix a drink that will last the whole day.



1 bottle of dry white wine

250mls of Christmas Gin

125mls Grape Juice

250mls Ginger Ale or Mineral Water

Fresh cut apple, grapes and nectarines



It’s not rocket science, just combine it all in a jug and stir. You’ll love it!


Christmas Gin Sour

A great twist on an egg nog, it’s no nog and just a little egg (egg whites) but it creates a delicious, creamy end of Christmas day sipper.



60mls Christmas Gin

20mls Lemon Juice

15mls Egg whites or aquafaba




Add the gin, lemon juice, egg white together in a shaker and shake. We’re doing a “dry shake’ so don’t add any ice. Do this for 20 seconds then add ice and shake for 10 more second to cool the drink.

Strain the drink into a shallow glass and drop 3 drops of bitters over the top for garnish



If you’re getting your Christmas menu in order, we’ve got three great recommendations for you. They are so easy you can’t not do them.

  • Vanilla ice cream with our Christmas Gin drizzled over the top.
  • Finish off your Christmas pavlova with a drizzle of Christmas Gin over your fruit and cream.
  • Making your yearly Christmas cake? Try soaking your dried fruit in our gin for a week or longer beforehand. It’ll give your cake that extra boozy and warming touch.

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