Award Winners in 90 days!

Award Winners in 90 days!

Unexpected Guest is now an award-winning gin. That’s right after submitting to the Australian Gin Association, judges blindly sipped down our; American Gin (the snake skin boot wearing cowgirl Clementine), our Bathtub Gin (Young Tom in his iconic lampshade) and our London Dry Gin (Bobby and his fashionable waist coat). Each received a bronze medal. A most unexpected turn of events considering we’ve only been doing this a few months. 

But what did the judges say?!

Bobby’s London Dry, competing in the Classic Dry Gin category, is a different styled gin with a “great palate and finish”.

Clementine's American Gin, competing in the Contemporary Gin category, has “sweet earthy tones” with a “sharp” aftertaste.

Young Tom’s Bathtub Gin, competing in the Old Tom Gin category, has a great “botanical mix” elevating the flavour. 

Unfortunately our Pink Gin was unable to compete because we were making sure its flavours were just right while we focus on solely using organic ingredients to get her beautiful pink hue. 

Next year we’re coming for Gold! So Disco Flamingo can afford some more faux mink jackets.

To find out more information about the Australian Gin Awards, click here.


All gins are currently available on our website here. 

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