Mocha Martini

Mocha Martini

Still got lots of chocolate sitting around that you have no idea what to do with? Us too, that’s why we decided to melt some of it and try and make a cocktail. Low and behold here we are. Are you ready for something sweet, chocolaty, gooey and decadent?

A Mocha Martini is very similar to an espresso martini but there’s a handful of fun changes; there’s cream, chocolate and a cute little coconut rim!

You’ll need Bobby’s London Dry Gin: a Unexpected guest staple, try and watch us not use it, it cant be done, you need this gin to make the cocktail sing! Melted Chocolate: This is where your left over easter eggs can come in handy. Shredded Coconut: if you want to attempt the delicious chocolate and coconut rim of the drink you’ll need this. Brown Crème De Cacao: like milk chocolate only is liquor form, high recommend on our end. Pouring Cream: this thickens the drink and differentiates it from an espresso martini. Espresso shot: you could also use Kahlua but we just use a shot of Nespresso.

Cocktail Recipe:


  • Melted Chocolate
  • Shredded Coconut
  • 30ml Bobby’s London Dry Gin
  • 15ml Brown Crème De Cacao
  • 15ml Pouring Cream
  • 30ml Espresso Shot (or use Kahlua)


  • Dip the rim of your glass in melted chocolate then on a separate plate have your shredded coconut ready, dip the glass into the coconut, do this quickly before the chocolate hardens.
  • Refrigerate the glass to allow chocolate to cool and harden.
  • Add Bobby’s London Dry Gin, Brown Crème De Cacao, Pouring Cream, Espresso Shot and a scoop of ice to a Cocktail Shaker and shake.
  • Strain into your refrigerated glass slowly to allow foam to form on top.
  • Enjoy and drink responsibly


Sub our pouring cream for coconut cream, if you love coconut!

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