Pineapple Caipiroska

Pineapple Caipiroska

Summer can’t last forever, and neither can Havana. So why not make one last cocktail with her?

Our limited release gin is going in hibernation so we’ve come up with a cheeky little drink that will cool you down and put a kick in your step, there a little bit of sugar, lots of pulp a bit of citrus for balance and teeny tiny bit of chilli for a kick. Here what you do…

Here’s what you’ll need; Havana’s Pine Pash Gin: She’s sweet, fruity, who wouldn’t want her in a drink? She’s also only available for a short time so if you’re making this without her use Young Tom’s bathtub Gin. Mint: to make the drink taste extra fresh Limes: You’ll be juicing them so make sure they are nice and plump. Passionfruit Pulp: Use a fresh passionfruit so it has lots of zest, if you use canned passionfruit pulp this drink won’t be quite the same but we’ll allow it. Lots of Ice: it’s delicious with crushed ice but if you haven’t got time for that just use whole fresh ice.

Cocktail Recipe:


  • 60mL Havana’s Pine Pash Gin
  • 20ml Lime Juice
  • Handful of Fresh Mint
  • Pulp of a Passionfruit
  • Tiny bit of fresh red chilli


  • Get your cocktail shaker and add your fresh lime juice, mint, chilli and passionfruit.
  • Add Havana’s Pine Pash Gin
  • Add a healthy scoop of ice
  • Shake and pour over fresh ice


Want the drink to last longer? Add mineral water to the drink to extend the flavour and bring the drink to the rim of the glass.

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