Spiced Negroni

Spiced Negroni

On the fourth day of Christmas my true love gave to me... a Spiced Negroni.

Some say the story of a negroni goes that in Italy in 1919 Count Camillo Negroni asked a bartender, Fosco Scarselli, to strengthen his favourite cocktail, the Americano, by adding gin rather than the normal soda water. The bartender also added an orange garnish rather than the typical lemon garnish of the Americano to signify that it was a different drink. And now Unexpected Guest are changing it with delicious Christmas spices to give it a gorgeous red hue and garnish with delicious star anise. 

If you don’t have spicers in your cupboard it's time for you to go to the shops: Star Anise: the dried shriveled up stars go cute with all drinks. Cloves Nutmeg: will be in the same aisle as the anise. Cinnamon Sticks: We’re not making you walk far, it's in the same isle. Cloves: Hey turn your head, this ingredient is already near you. Red Vermouth: this is a boozy drink so prepare yourself. Campari: This is the important alcohol that gives a nice contrast between sweet and bitter, oit also plays well with all the christmas spices. Young Tom’s Bathtub Gin: A gin that perfectly seals aromas from everything it sits in. 

Cocktail Recipe:

This recipe consists of two parts, soaking and cooking the spiced gin. And making the Spiced Negroni. We shall start with the Spiced Gin...

Spiced Gin Ingredients:

Spiced Gin Method:

  • Put all the spices in a bowl and smash it all up, you have the power, so ruin all these spices so it's coarse and rough.
  • Put the spices in a fry pan and heat slowly for 2 minute to release the aromas and flavours. This will help the gin soak in these flavours. 
  • Tip the spices into a tight lidded jar and add the 500mls of Young Tom’s Bathtub Gin.
  • Soak for a minimum 3 days, or ideally 5 days for full flavour. 
  • Strain spices with a cloth when ready to use. 

Spiced Negroni Ingredients:

  • 30ml Spiced Gin
  • 60ml Red Vermouth
  • 60ml Campari

Spiced Negroni Method:

  • Fill a glass with ice. 
  • Pour gin, vermouth and campari over ice. 
  • Negroni is traditionally stirred not shaken… so stir the drink. 

Life Hack:

Don’t want to buy all those spices? Or crack out the fry pan? Or look for a jar? Or wait five days? (man this recipe is a tall order). This cocktail recipe works great with our Chin-chin Christmas gin available here for a limited time. We’ve combined cranberries and cinnamon for the ultimate Christmas plus one.

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