Starfruit Mint Julep

Starfruit Mint Julep

We couldn't sit idly by and let this be called a Julep when we could change the word to Ginlep just like that (clicks fingers).

Anyway this is a Starfruit Mint Ginlep now and we'll have no back talking thank you very much.

Starfruit Min Ginlep is about combining the taste of Summer is a glass and introducing you to the bizarre, delicious and oddly textured fruit that is the Star Fruit. Star fruit is also known as Carambola, it's the fruit of Averrhoa carambola, a species of tree native to tropical Southeast Asia. The fruit is commonly consumed throughout Southeast Asia. But we have it here in Australia every summer (Lesson over, commence cocktail).

Ducking down to the shops? Here's your list: Star Fruit: Green on the outside, not too soft, should be firm. Pineapple: You'll need about half a pineapple. test those leaves to make sure its ripe for extra flavour. Mint: It's not a Ginlep without mint! Ice: Gotta cool down this drink guys, come on. Lemon: we’re just using a bit of juice for acidity, buy it in a bottle or fresh, we don't judge. Gin: Young Tom's Bathtub Gin is already sweetly flavoured from liquorice root, vanilla and lemon myrtle. 

Cocktail Recipe:

This is for two glasses.


  • 100ml Young Tom's Bathtub Gin
  • Half a pineapple diced up
  • Ice (lots)
  • 1 tablespoon of lemon juice
  • Mint
  • 2 Star Fruit


  • Pour Young Tom's Bathtub Gin into a blender.  
  • Add chopped up pineapple and lemon juice.
  • Add one of the star fruits chopped up and skinned.
  • Add as much mint as you like. 
  • Fill to the brim with ice. 
  • Blend.
  • Pour into aesthetically pleasing glass and top with chopped Star Fruit and mint for garnish.
  • Drink it!

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