Four Excellent Health Benefits of Drinking Gin

benefits of drinking Gin

Why does gin taste so nice? We get asked this all the time, while we usually say it’s because of the makers of gin, us, are so nice. But today we will give you the real answer: Juniper Berries.

Did you know Juniper is the key ingredient to gin, the word 'gin' derives from the Latin word Genever which means Juniper. Yes, Juniper berries are that integral to good gin.

A lot of people claim that gin is one of the healthier alcoholic drinks to have on a night out – a shot is just 97 calories – compared to rum, with 197 cals or beer with over 170 cals.

So, lets break down the four excellent health benefits of Juniper berries the key ingredient to Unexpected Guest's success.

Juniper Berries are super berries: We don’t mean they are super cause they star in Marvel movies, it’s because juniper berries are warming, stimulating and disinfecting. They cleanse the body and help with digestion.

They combat wrinkles: We’re talking to you golden oldies out there (or perhaps some of you going through a midlife crisis whenever you look in the mirror). Juniper berries create healthier, smoother skin. Many skin care products include juniper oil as an ingredient in fighting acne, since it naturally contains antiseptic properties.

You can live longer: Take this one with a grain of salt (like tequila on a night out). Juniper berries contain flavouroids, found in fruits and vegetables. These fight off everyday toxins such as heart disease and help with blood circulation as you get older, however all this is useless if you excessively drink – so drink responsibly.

Prevent kidney and liver disease: Starting out hundreds of years ago in China, Juniper was used as a stimulate for the kidneys and bladder. Juniper would flush out impurities and stop water build up. In general use, it’s now an antibiotic or ‘digestive elixir’ for the stomach, intestine and spleen.


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