Bee's Knee's Cocktail

Bee's Knee's Cocktail

On the eleventh day of Christmas my true love gave to me... a Bee’s Knee’s

Get some bee nectar into you with this delicious cocktail that blends honey, lemon and young Tom’s Bathtub gin and a terrifically unexpected and sweet way. Its an easy recipe that can be whipped up in a flash to please your guests on a sunny afternoon. 

Here’s what you need from the shops (if you can get in, cause Christmas is a nightmare): Honey: Manuka honey is what we use, if you’re making a cocktail with only three ingredients you might as well splurge. Lemons: these will be turned into juice, so just buy some juice if you like. Or stop being lazy and juice some fresh lemons. Water: to dilute the honey so it can mix properly. Ice: Cause this drink isn't much fun warm. Lemon Rind: I mean you have lemons anyway so you might as well. Gin: Young Tom’s Bathtub Gin has great hints of lemon myrtle that mix terrific with this drink. 

Cocktail Recipe:

This is just for a glass… 



  • Combine honey and water in a cocktail shaker with ice. Give it a shake so it mixes, a good shake that is. 
  • Before juicing your lemons, peel some rind off to give some zest to your drink. 
  • Fill the cocktail shaker with lemon juice and Young Tom's Bathtub Gin. Fasten that lid and shake until the mixture is cool.
  • Strain the drink into a glass, preferably a fun glass. Twist the lemon rind over the cocktail to release some of its oils.
  • Enjoy that bad boy.

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