Havana Splash

Havana Splash

Use Havana to her full extent!

Our limited release gin is packed with pineapple and passionfruit, it makes a great substitute to using a liqueur in your cocktails. So we’ve come up with a tropical drink to combat the rainy weather! Have a go at making our Havana Splash…

Here’s what you’ll need; Havana’s Pine Pash Gin: She’s sweet, fruity, who wouldn’t want her in a drink? She’s also only available for a shot time so if you’re making this without her use Young Tom’s bathtub Gin. Limes: You’ll be juicing them so make sure they are nice and plump. Licor 43: This is what makes this cocktail a little complex and add a bit of a sparkle to it. Apple and Mint Sugar Syrup: You can find the recipe here. It’s easy and you’ll want to keep using it in everything. Strawberry: Just a big ol strawberry, you’ll be muddling it.

Cocktail Recipe:



  • Get your cocktail shaker and put your strawberry down the bottom of it. Muddle it until its paste like.
  • Add all other ingredients followed by a healthy scoop of ice.
  • Shake and strain over fresh ice in a shallow glass.
  • Drink, sip it, nurture it, enjoy it.

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