Hot Cross Bun Spiced Gin

Hot Cross Bun Spiced Gin

It’s Easter time, and as a holiday that’s all about chocolates, sweets and hot cross buns, we thought it’d be a perfect time to get in the kitchen, get creative by turning your London Dry Gin into something a little funky.

This cheeky trick is simple, cheap and ends up being a really unique taste that’s great on its own (martini style) or mixed into some creamy dessert cocktails. So, let’s get to shopping.

You’ll need Bobby’s London Dry Gin: London Dry is your perfect smooth gin that’s great for steeping ingredients in, as the gin always adopts the flavour but stays smooth. Vanilla Pods: You only need one so don’t break the bank on them (we know they are expensive) so all you need is one!  Dried Fruit: Mixed dried fruit like the stuff you put into your Christmas cake. Or the stuff your grandmother forces you to have for no good reason. Cinnamon Stick: A cinnamon stick will do the trick! Cloves: It’s the secret ingredient that gives this flavoured gin its kick!


Cocktail Recipe:



  • Get your Bobby’s London Dry Gin, open the cap and force all the ingredients in. You might need to pour a splash on Gin out so the bottle doesn’t over flow. (it’s a good excuse for a G and T).
  • Make sure you halve the vanilla pod down the middle so the gin really absorbs the pods flavours.
  • Tighten the cap as harshly as you can and leave in a cool dry place for minimum 1 week.
  • Once it reaches your desired aroma and taste, it's ready to be enjoyed.
  • If you don’t know what to do with it try out this recipe… Easter Nightcap



Stay away from using spices as this will cloud the gin and make it grainy.

Drain ingredients after you’ve let the gin rest.

Once you've drained the ingredients let it cool in the freezer to enjoy the gin straight, it's delicious when it's ice cold.  

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