Havana's Pineapple Gin Crush

Havana's Pineapple Gin Crush

Havana's Pineapple Gin Crush is lush with fresh fruit, crushed ice and delicious gin. 

Go to the fresh fruit section of your local store: Pineapple: get a nice plump one, the sweeter the better. Green Apples: you’ll need a handful, green apples are great because they are full of juice that’s crisp and sweet. Mint: we want your breath to taste fresh, and for the drink to taste nice too. Ice: if you're making loads for friends pick up some ice, if it’s just you start freezing some fresh water from the tap. Gin: Havana's Pine Pash Gin is the one for us when it comes to this combination. Her bold pineapple flavours and sweet passionfruit tang make this drink truely unreal!

Cocktail Recipe:

This recipe is an easy one, you’ll need a blender but it's so easy. You wouldn’t believe how easy it is. Don’t believe me? Well stop reading this bit and go and read the recipe jeez. 

Spiced Gin Ingredients:

Spiced Gin Method:

  • Chop your pineapple up, then chop your apple up. That’s all the chopping and effort done. 
  • We’ve learned after blending so much ice all the time it's best to pre blend just to get them a bit chipped so your blender doesn't get stuck. (we don't want to blend the ice fully just get the ball rolling). 
  • Add to the ice the chopped fruit, your mint and 50ml of Havana's Pine Pash Gin. 
  • Blend to slushie form. 
  • Drink it like there is no tomorrow. Put it in a glass first though, or drink from the blender. Unplug the blender first though.

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