Smokey Negroni Sbagliato

Smokey Negroni Sbagliato

Kid's don't play with matches and alcohol, but adults can, for this cocktail at least. 

Fire, fizz, citrus, bitters its a fusion explosion of all things delicious and beautiful about a traditional negroni, mixed with the "oh wow, now that's even better" flavour of prosecco. 



30ml Bobby's London Dry Gin

30ml Campari

30ml Sweet Vermouth 

Prosecco (To top up your glass)

1 Orange (For garnish)

Lighter (For the smokiness)



  1. With a knife, carefully peel a nice slice of the Orange skin from the orange.
  2. Grab your intended glass and face the orange peel towards the rim of the glass, apply pressure to either end of the skin and citrus will mist into the air. Do this in front of a flame from your lighter and sparks will fly. 
  3. This smokey mist will settle quickly down into your glass. Rub the peel over the rim and inside of the glass and drop into the bottom of the glass. 
  4. Add a reasonable amount of ice. 
  5. Mix your Bobby's London Dry Gin, Campari, Sweet Vermouth over a hefty amount of ice in your cocktail shaker. 
  6. Shake and pour just the liquid into your glass over your fresh ice. 
  7. Add prosecco and fill the glass to your desired height.
  8. Drink and enjoy responsibly.

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