The Ultimate Plus One Gatecrashes Redfern

The Ultimate Plus One Gatecrashes Redfern

It’s sunglasses weather in the grey bricked back alley of RE Agency’s Redfern hub. With our moustaches waxed and the top button of our shirts undone we set up Gertrude as a thank you to the marketing team that started us on this journey.

Everyone rushed outside to the distinctive purr from our engine and the blinding reflection from our glossy orange as we set up our brass stills for an afternoon of gin distilling and cocktail demonstrations. At Unexpected Guest you flavor your gin, your way; and the people of RE Agency chose lime, pepper, hibiscus (an odd combination, we know) and it turned out beautifully.

This was an important event because RE worked with us to deliver our brands personality, characters and signature cheeky tone that makes Unexpected Guest so iconic.

In addition to this, the event gave us the opportunity to launch our new cocktail making class. While the Australian gin brewed on the back of Gertrude, everyone got their hands sticky making different cocktails, with our 60’s throwback cocktail ‘Gin Fizz’ being the favourite of the day.

We discussed and showed what gin tastes like before and after tonic, plus how tonic changes the flavor of gin. This was a demonstration that provided the most laughs and the most refills. Which will now be a part of our events moving forward.

Peopled loved getting to mix their own drinks and doing some behind the scenes taste tests. Those people who didn’t drive to work that day were the ones particularly into weighing out the juniper berries and playing around with the flavour wheel.

Everyone poured their own bottle of gin and carefully marked their personalized labels. We bumped elbows and off we went.

Thanks again to those at RE Agency and if your interest is tickled you can book us for your next event here.

Chin, chin.

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