Why We All Choose Gin.

Why We All Choose Gin.

What’s the best spirit to drink? (We’re talking about the alcoholic drink, not the holy spirit - people get confused around Christmas).

The answer: Gin. Why? Well let us tell you…

  1. It’s the easiest to drink on its own: It’s not as harsh as vodka. I know harsh is an exaggeration but when people start drinking alcohol everyone stupidly starts on vodka. We wish we could travel back in time and sneak gin around our parents instead of vodka. It goes down easier on its own if you’re doing shots due to its natural botanical flavours (it’s also cheaper). 
  2. Perfect to start the night with: You don’t want to start your night on something as hard core as vodka or rum. Start with gin, it’s gentle, you wont realise how easily it goes down. Gin is more relaxing than a foot massage. It’ll put you in a good mood for the rest of the night and butters you up for harsher liquor, or perhaps even more gin. 
  3. It won’t give you a hangover: that’s a tad lie, it depends how much you drink, but in comparison to tequila or whisky this goes down smoother and stays in your system less. What gives you a hangover is the congeners in alcohol. Whisky and tequila are high in this, while gin have low levels. Thus affects you less in the morning when you eat your toast and drink your gatorade. 
  4. The flavour is natural: Yes the botanicals in gin give it a leg up in comparison to other spirits, using juniper berries (which have many health benefits) and anything from lemon peel to lavender. It’s lots of goodies to make sure it tastes the best every time. 
  5. Gin mixes with everything. Gin is the most adaptable drink because it’s not as potent as vodka, it's used in many cocktails (which you can find in our journal) but it's great with just your regular lemonades, tonics and sodas. Always add lemon though that's the secret. 

But what’s the best brand to buy? Well that’s easy (and also a shameless plug).

The answer: Unexpected Guest Gin. 

You can drink our gin on its own. Depending on how much you drink it won’t give you much of a hangover. Our flavours are natural. It mixes with everything. 

Oh look at that, it ticked every box. 

You can purchase our gin here.

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